We provide accurate reporting and record-keeping services that communicate financial conditions and performances for business.  Our services assist businesses with making efficient decisions, maintaining profitability and capitalizing on new opportunities.

At CFS, LLC, we want you to feel comfortable about asking questions and understanding how the financial records are being maintained.  Whether it’s set-up, catch-up, or continuous service, we encourage open communications.

Accounting & Other Financial Reporting Services
■     Accounting System Setup using QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting or Creative Accounting    Solutions
■     Due Diligence Audits (Asset Based Lending, Physical Inventory, etc.)
■     Account Reconciliations (All Balance Sheet Accounts)
■     Sales and Use Tax Preparation and Reporting
■     Financial Statement Preparation (Balance Sheet,  P&L Statement, CashFlow Statement, and Budgets)
■     Audit Preparation, Consultation and Evaluation

Tax Return Preparation
■     S Corporations
■     C Corporations
■     Partnerships
■     Sole Proprietors/LLC’s and Individuals
■     Not-For-Profits
■     Estates and Trusts

Life Insurance
■     Whole Life
■     Term Life
■     Indexed Universal Life
■     Fixed Indexed Annuities
■     Accident and Health Insurance

For more information about how Chambers Financials Services, LLC can help you, feel free to contact us.